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Google Voice Not Working, Google Voice Technical Support

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Fix Google Voice not Working

How to fix Google Voice not working on your device?
A product of Google Inc. is Google Voice. Our daily lives are now more pleasant when utilising technology thanks to this gadget. allows users to perform voice search on Google rather than typing.

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Additionally, you can use Google Voice to control some of the applications on your smartphone, such as setting alarms and reminders, by speaking commands. To start the app on your smartphone and provide a voice command, simply say OK Google. For instance, after saying OK Google, all you need to do to set an alarm for 5 a.m. is say set an alarm for 5 a.m.

If Google Voice search (OK Google) isn’t functioning on your device, you can fix it by using the steps listed below:

You need to check your Android smartphone’s microphone first. Start the voice recorder on your phone, and then record yourself speaking for a full minute. Listen closely to your voice after recording it. The microphone on your smartphone is not functioning correctly if the voice that was captured has any abnormalities.

Verify that OK Google is turned on or off on your device. Turn it on if it’s off. If the issue persists after turning it on or if it is already on, there could be a language barrier.

Open the Google app now, and swipe your finger across the screen from left to right to see the menu.

The Voice option may be accessed after touching Settings. Next, pick Languages from the menu to examine the language that is presently selected or to set a new language.

You may configure Google Voice to recognise up to 5 different languages at once. If Google Voice search still does not function after following the first two steps, there could be a network issue.

Look into your Internet connection. If everything is in order, including the microphone, Internet connection, and the absence of any linguistic issues, you should look for issues with the Google Assistant programme.

Restart your device since, in most situations, a quick reboot will solve the issues. Check for Google app updates last.

The above-mentioned instructions are for Android-based tablets and smartphones. The following procedures will help you solve the Google Voice on iPhone issue:

First, look for hardware issues. Check to see if your iPhone’s microphone is functioning correctly.

Activate OK Google. Open the Google app to get started.

Tap your profile picture and then Voice Search in the top left corner of the home screen.Then activate OK Google Hotwired.

Check the Google app update now. Please install any updates that have been issued.

Open the OK Google app once it has been installed to see if the issue has been resolved. Tell Google “OK”

This is how you can fix Google Voice not Working on Android.



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